What are the resolutions of digital image products?

Low resolution digital image 1MP 1225px

1225 pixels x 816 pixels

High resolution digital image 5MP 2740px

2740 pixels x 1825 pixels


Why is Low resolution digital image called 1MP ?

1MP = 1 Megapixels
1225 x 816 = 999600 pixels (close to 1MP)

Why is High resolution digital image 5MP ?

5MP = 5 Megapixels
2740 x 1824 = 4997760 pixels (close to 5MP)


There are many good guides on print resolution and DPI (Dots per inch) online, I find this one quite helpful:

(external website)

What if I want a photo printed on a shirt, a mug, a key ring or something else?

I recommend you to buy a High resolution digital image.

Or a Low resolution digital image if you are looking to print it on a small space.

Once you have purchased the digital image, a link will be sent to your email address to download the image. You can then take the image to a shop or an online shop to print.


I hope to buy a large quantity of digital image products, can you offer a discount?

Use this coupon code:
for 20% discount on Digital Downloads products for orders over £40


For print products, unfortunately I cannot offer any discount because the overhead and commission from my vendor need to be covered.


I am looking for someone to cover a match or a function. Can I pay a flat fee, and receive all images from the match or function?

Please contact me to discuss. I have many satisfied customers who booked me for sporting events and other functions. Let me know where, when, what will take place, so I can give you a quote and check for availability.